Upcoming gradings

Here are the upcoming gradings: 4,5 Dan: 16 April 2016 3 Dan & below: 15 May 2016 We wish all members taking the exam good luck!  

Seminar by Toyomura Sensei, 8 Dan

Kyumeikan members and the Taiwanese delegation attended a full-day kendo seminar by 8 Dan Hanshi Toyomura Azumori sensei on April 9th. It was a great honour to receive instruction from Toyomura sensei at the Renseikaikan.    

Shiozawa Kendo Team Visit

On Jan 23rd this year, Shiozawa Kendo Team (corporate team of Shiozawa Company) came to train with Kyumeikan members. It was the second visit here for them and 8 Dan Hirata Sensei, their training consultant who conducted the session. The godo keiko was well-attended and it was a good exchange session.

News from Wenzhou Kyumeikan

Our friends at Wenzhou¬†are happy to report that at the Shanghai Kendo Tournament and Grading, all members passed their respective gradings – 3 members passed Shodan, and two members passed 2 dan! At the tournament, one member – Mr. Pan – was awarded the Fighting Spirit Award. Wenzhou director Huang Weili and his team of…

Visit from Taiwanese Delegation

On Friday April 8th, a Taiwanese delegation of nearly 40 children and 20 adults visited Kyumeikan Tokyo. The group comprised kendoka from 3 dojos – our sister dojo in Itabashi, Taipei, Taipei City Dojo and Taichu Dojo. The children were here to attend the All Kanto Youth Kendo Tournament held at the Nippon Budokan on…


We would like to offer our heartiest congratulations to our members who passed their recent Dan gradings: Mr Viktor Trussov, Kyumeikan Kazakhstan director, 5 Dan(Feb 2016) Mr Miras Smagulov, Kazakhstan Kyumeikan Dojo, 4 Dan (Feb 2016) Mr Tsukada Eiji, 6 Dan (Nov 2015) Mr. Nikolay Sharov, Kyumeikan Ekaterinberg Director, 4 Dan Mr. Kobayashi Nori, 4…